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Results 2006

Medway Head -  Maidstone (March 2006): Ben and Lawrence made their one and only race appearance this year in the J16 2x. Hope you race again guys! Jane and Jo raced for the first time together in the WS3 2x. There were also the usual entries from Mark and Nick, both in singles and in the S3 2x, Laura and Steph in the WJ18 2x, Fred raced in a Vet F 1x and there was a women's novice coxed four with Alison, Alison, Jo and Sally with Steph coxing. Congratulations to Fred for winning his Vet F single.

Teddington Sculls (April 2006): Mark and Nick in the S3 2x.

School Ergo Competition (April 2006): Lawrence and Steph were 1st in their age groups and got a gold medal. Ben came 4th in his division, and Fiona 5th in hers. They also did well in the finals, coming fourth overall amongst all the London Boroughs that took part.

Bedford Head (April 2006): Laura and Steph raced in the WJ18 2x and Mark and Nick raced in singles and the S3 2x. Congratulations to Mark and Nick for winning the S3 2x.

Lea Spring Regatta (April 2006): Jane and Nick competed in a mixed S3 2x, Mark and Nick raced in the S3 2x, Mark raced in a J18 1x, and Laura and Steph raced in the double at WJ18 and at women's novice level. Congratulations girls for winning the WNov 2x! Congratulations also to Mark and Nick for winning the S3 2x.

Twickenham Regatta (May 2006): this was a tough one (1,250m). Jane and Jo raced in the WS3 2x and Mark and Nick raced in the S3 2x.

Star Regatta, Bedford (June 2006): Mark and Nick raced in the S3 2x on Saturday and Sunday.

St Neots (July 2006): over the Saturday and Sunday we entered 14 events! Dan and Matt made their race debut in the J15 2x, Jane and Jo raced in the WS3 2x, and Mark and Nick in the S3 2x. On Saturday, as there was no competition for a mixed novice coxed four, Jane and Nick raced in a mixed S3 double and Mark in a J18 single.

On Sunday there was a mixed novice coxed four with Alison, Alison, Mark and Nick with Jane coxing. There were some close finishes on Sunday although there were no wins, with Laura and Steph and Mark and Nick getting through to the finals in their events. Laura and Steph raced together in the double at WJ18 and Wnov level on Saturday and Steph raced at WNov level in the single. Congratulations to you both for winning the WNov event on Saturday, and particularly to Steph for her status change to WS4 in the single! This meant, of course, that the girls had to race at WS4 level in the double on Sunday and Steph raced in the single at her new status.

Maidstone Scullers Head (Oct 06): Congratulations to Nick & Laura who raced and won in the mixed double.  Respectable times also achieved by Nick in S3 single and Fred in a VetG single.  Lots of support was present for the competitors which was appreciated, especially the carrot cake!

Kingston Small Boats Head (Nov 06): Nick was the sole Erith entry for this event.  He made a good attempt in his S3 single event.  He came 4th out of 5 - beaten by two Kingston entries and one Eton .